10 things that are asked again and again, but you should not ask

Do you have a boyfriend?

Many escorts have a boyfriend, others do not. This is a very personal topic. Some of the ladies are happy to provide information, but most want to keep this topic private. So do not ask your escort lady about her relationship status.

Does your family know what you do besides?

Another question that is asked again and again but is not appropriate. They do not have a date with her to discuss her family with her. Likewise, your escort will not ask you about your family. It is for your entertainment and to enjoy the time together with you. Enjoy it as well.

How many customers do you meet per day?

You have the privilege of having the escort lady spend a great time with you – just leave it there and enjoy this time. This is certainly not a question that should be asked.

What is your real name?

It’s really surprising how often this question is asked by the escorts. What is the artist’s name for? Also we at Rhein Escort do everything to protect the privacy of our models. Many customers are too inexperienced with escort service and find it difficult to start the conversation with a suitable topic. Just give yourself a little effort and it will work out.

Will you go out with me?

For some customers, it may be difficult to understand how an escort lady can enjoy the time with them so much. But that does not mean that they want to get involved on a private date. We understand very well that the boundaries between business and pleasure can quickly fade. The task of the escort, however, is that you have fun – feel comfortable in their company. But always remember that it is work too. It is important that you appreciate and respect that.

Can I be your first customer of the day?

There are many customers who demand that they are the first customer of the day. What kind of idea? Certainly it happens that an escort sometimes times more than a date agreed, but the rule is not. Do not think about it anymore. Let yourself fall and experience the escort date according to your wishes.

Can you send me private pictures?

In the present time, many people share private pictures on Facebook & Co. So of course the escorts. But do not ask for it. Maybe after a few dates you will understand each other so well that this will happen by itself. We at Rhein Escort do not send any private photos of the ladies. To get a good first impression, take your time and look at the photos of the ladies in their profiles.

How are your fees?

If you have visited our pages, you will have noticed that the fees of the ladies are very easy to find. These apply to all escorts and throughout Germany. Take the time to read your wishful lady’s profile before contacting us. Your efforts are appreciated by us. The escort models can give you no other information regarding the fees.

Is there a discount for me?

One of the funniest questions a customer can ask an escort lady is surely the question of a discount. Our service team also has to answer this question very often on the phone. Of course there is no discount. For nobody. The transparent fees listed on our site are non-negotiable. Also not negotiable is the minimum booking period. If you have presented other fees, then we are very sorry. Not asking an escort lady for a discount because she has special qualities will not impress her.

Do I have to take a shower?

We are sure that you will be well looked after and showered on your date. Some of the escorts are very happy when there is another brief shower before the erotic fireworks show. Do not take it personally. Just get in the shower together. Make your escort lady happy, and you will be happy too.