Rhein Escort Service Dusseldorf- Escort agency Dusseldorf – Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions should be read carefully as they apply to the award of the contract as binding. All services that are offered on our site are only performed on the basis of these terms and conditions. The movement of our men and women will only be protected (with condom).

First Order Processing:

Contact will be made by email or phone will, however, only represent a first contact and is therefore not binding. The scheduling is handled by phone in detail and in confidence and confirmed by an order confirmation from us via email.

Second Fees:

The fee which will receive the Escort ladies / gentlemen for your escort service, is under the “fee” to be found. Any costs, e.g. Food, travel, entry to the opera or in the hotel accommodation costs are paid by you as a customer. Rail or air taxi collect costs from you as a customer and are also under the “fee” to see (with special seasonal fluctuations are also flight costs to be paid by you).

Third Payment

The payment according to the “fee” + possible extra costs is always at the beginning of a meeting in a bar to our escort ladies or men. As a paying only € currency is accepted. If you have agreed otherwise with us as a customer. In a longer book (from two days or more) is a 30% deposit. If you want to take one of our escorts or escort to travel with gentlemen, they have to transfer the seasonal cruise price in advance on our account. We will be booking the trip tickets (flight, etc.) on your behalf. Do you want to make an escort or an escort gentlemen more than 100km from their home town (home of the lady or ladies), please also include the travel costs in advance to be paid into our business account.

4th Contract extension:

If you want the customer to extend one of our escorts / escort gentlemen, this is the one agreed with our escort / escort gentlemen (if there is a possibility) and the others then get our escort / escort gentlemen renewal in accordance with our fee guidelines cash in hand. Our escort / escort gentlemen will then contact us to confirm the extension.

5th Cancellation / Withdrawal:

Should you be prevented urgently as a customer, please notify at least 48 hours prior to meeting us. The deposit of 30% may be charged at a meeting within three weeks to catch up yet, if this is not possible, the 30% deposit is not refundable. For us it is the highest priority to customer satisfaction as well as identify and agreements to be observed. Should it happen that one of our escorts / escort gentlemen is prevented by illness, etc., we will ask another escort / another escort gentlemen. The resulting cancellation fees for our escort personnel we bear. Have their own cancellation fees wear themselves. Other claims against us are excluded. We and escort the relevant personnel can always take a time interval, if a customer is seriously disturbed by the meeting or the customer acts in breach of contract. If this were the case, then no refund, already paid sums will be deducted as an expense allowance. In case of unforeseen events such as climatic conditions (storms, floods, etc.), acts of war, etc. We reserve the right to make last minute cancellations.

6th Discretion

We will forward your details (name, address, phone no., Etc.) strictly confidential and abuse in any way for commercial purposes and not shared with third parties. The data you only need to provide for order processing. All personal data is subject to the legal provisions of the Data Protection Act. As the customer, agree to the processing and use of your data in the context and scope as indicated above to. Your privacy is guaranteed, of course, we will also ask questions of private addresses and telephone numbers of escort personnel to desist.

7th Final Provisions

For all orders placed with German law applies in principle. The jurisdiction for all disputes arising under this contract is the contractor. With the terms and conditions you agree to be willing to cede any allowances from the closed to us to third parties. If any provision of these terms and conditions be ineffective, or contain a gap conditions, the validity of other parts untouched. The ineffective or missing provisions the relevant statutory provisions or regulations that correspond to the meaning of the invalid provisions.