Answers to the most frequently asked questions about bookings

Are there different fees?

No. There are no categories like silver gold or platinum. For all escort ladies the same fees apply. The same fees always apply in the different cities and federal states.

Private- Date Fees

2 hours500 €
3 hours650 €
4 hours800 €
6 hours1.000 €
8 hours1.200 €
12 hours1.400 €
24 hours2.200 €
Weekend (48 hours)3.300 €
Each additional day1.100 €

Are there always travel costs?

If travel costs arise, generally yes. The escorts drive their own car to the date or use our car service. In very rare cases, a taxi is already ordered within a city. If the lady is in the vicinity, of course no travel costs will be charged. However, you will be informed with each booking request whether and how much travel costs have to be calculated.

The general rule:

Travel Expenses

Up to 50 km50 €
Up to 75 km75 €
Up to 100 km100 €
For longer distances, arrivals by train or plane, we will gladly make you an offer.

Do the escorts offer house and hotel visits?

All ladies from our agency offer hotel visits throughout Germany. You will also find one or more hotel tips for each city on our pages. These are expanded from time to time, so you will soon have more choices here. Please take care when booking the escorts on a sophisticated atmosphere. Our service team is happy to assist you in choosing the right hotel.

With a few exceptions, you can also visit the ladies at your home. Please ask for this service by phone. Again, please: Please ensure a suitable atmosphere, so that our ladies feel fully unrestricted.

Are the ladies visitable?

No. We offer germanwide escort service and accompaniments. It is not possible to maintain apartments in all locations. In addition, visitable ladies do not fit into the concept of Rhein Escort. From this very professional area, we want to distance ourselves significantly with our philosophy.

If you can not be visited, we can help you with the hotel search. Rest assured, we will find a suitable place for your date. It does not always have to be in the top price class.

What kind of service do the escort models offer?

The service of each lady can be found in her sedcard. Beyond this service, of course, every escort model has many more preferences that we can not possibly list. Our service team is happy to give you information about all preferences and possible service. Just call us when booking. We will definitely be able to fulfill your service requests.

What is the difference between Private and Dinner Date?

At the Dinner Date, the escort model accompanies you for dinner or any other of your events. For example, would you like to book one of our escort ladies over a longer period of time? At the Dinner Date you have the opportunity to get to know each other during a romantic dinner. Erotic excluded. The fee for a 2-hour dinner date is 250 €.

How do the escorts come to the date?

Some ladies like to drive to date, others like to use our car service. Often, however, this depends on what time your date should take place. So far, however, all ladies have always made it on time to their date.

How much lead time do the escort ladies need?

Unfortunately this can not be answered flat rate. All ladies offer the escort service on a part-time basis. For a date in the morning or afternoon, it is always advisable to inquire in time. If your scheduling allows so one or more days before. Of course, the students and models have plenty of free time each day. Inquiries are always worthwhile.

In the evening it is usually much easier. But there are bottlenecks here as well. At large trade fairs, it is always advisable to inquire at least one day in advance. The category “Available today” we always try to keep up to date. If your desired lady is not visible here, our team will suggest an alternative. Calling is always worthwhile.

Can I also book the ladies as a travel companion?

Naturally. After careful planning, this is possible with all escort models. Please read our page about travel accompaniments.

Are health checks performed regularly?

Of course. Not only since the new ProstschG 2017. Since the beginning of our work in escort service, all ladies have been examined several times a year.

Can the escort models fulfill clothing requests?

They really like it. All escort ladies have an exclusive, elegant but also sporty wardrobe. And the choice of lingerie also offer plenty of choice for every taste.

Are the pictures of the escorts all up-to-date?

Of course. If possible, all photos are taken by our photographer in the same studio. Especially the young ladies like to change their hair color. And in general women go to the hairdresser more often than the men. But we try to keep the photos up to date and send all the ladies to the shoot regularly.

Do the ladies practice the escort service on a part-time basis?

Definitely. Rhein Escort provides only part-time active escorts, models and students.

How can I pay for the escort date?

There are the following ways to pay the date:

– Please hand over to the lady the agreed amount for your Private Date
start of the meeting in an open envelope. Give her the opportunity
to recount the fee.

– We will gladly inform you about our discreet bank details on request.

– Alternatively use the transfer with Western Union.

– You can also settle the balance with PayPal.

Soon we will also offer payment by credit card.