Where and how the meetings take place?

Our customers will stay mostly in renowned 4 – or 5-star hotels.
Rhein Escort is accepting booking time for 2 hours and more. Very often, however, much longer arrangements.
We believe it is inconsistent that an escort agency that is active in the upscale area, offering shorter dates. Only at a meeting of two or more hours, it is possible to achieve an atmosphere of intimacy and serenity.

How long do I get paid?

The customer rewards the entire time of the meeting and also your travel expenses.

How many dates can I expect in a month?

This is all alone on your flexibility. You can determine the number of your own dates.

I am flexible in my time management?

They are flexible with us than in any other business. The escort job is for women who work full-time employment, study or modeling appropriate.
You can decide for yourselve when, how often and where you want to accept your dates. Find out more now.

Can I plan my meetings?

Of course. Bookings will be discussed with you and only if it
Your time allows the client confirmed.
Of course, many are very short-term requests. If you see any possibility to observe the deadline, which is not too bad. We will then advise the customer on the date a different woman.

How much money will I get and how much is the commission?

How much you earn will depend on how many bookings you can perceive. Basically, the work can be very lucrative as escorts in our agency.

What does it cost for a meeting?

No! All costs such as fees, moving off or travel expenses will be borne by our customers of course. Thus you will incur no costs.

Are traveling to other cities a prerequisite for the job?

No. Only if you want! You decide in which region you want to move.

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