Pornstars and their books

Are you fascinated by the erotic industry? Are you curious about a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot? Or do you just want to take a look into the privacy of pornstars? Here are some books by well-known actors from the porn industry. They give an insight into the glamorous, but hard life of the stars. Partly humorous, but sometimes very dramatic. Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Asa Akira and Sasha Gray are well known names for many of you. We hope you enjoy reading.

Jenna Jameson

“How to make love like a porn star”

Jenna Jameson, one of the most famous porn stars and a movie icon. She is an insider and her book is a guide to the billion dollar film industry, but also a shocking sexual story that describes the dark past of Jenna Jameson. Her memoirs are a bestseller, a story about survival in this industry. A transfigured image of the lifestyle of a woman who wanted to be a showgirl in Las Vegas. The journey to fame was painful. The book is an eye-opener for those who are considering pursuing this career.

Ron Jeremy

“One man and four thousand women”

Ron Jeremy is a great storyteller. He is considered one of the most famous porn actor and because of his impressive “talent” he acted in more than 1700 porn movies and 60 other films. He worked with a large publishing house, which helped him to write and publish his memoirs. His openness and funny style should underline the fact that there are two sides to the porn industry. “I want readers to have a nice, healthy, relaxed attitude to porn,” he explained.

Asa Akira

“Insatiable: Porno – Eine Liebesgeschichte” & “Dirty Thirty

Asa Akira is a fascinating personality and a great porn actress. The first book “Insatiable: Porno – Eine Liebesgeschichte” was quickly a bestseller. What thrills the reader is their bubbly style and their witty comments and anecdotes about life. Read in her book funny, shocking and touching stories from her life. Drugs, sexual relations, life in the industry.

Sasha Gray

“The Juliette Society” by Sasha Gray

Although not so much related to the world of the porn industry, “The Juliette Society” is a wonderful book, with no inhibitions and no taboos. Follow the story of a young girl exploring her sexuality. This interesting book describes new experiences, joys and dislikes. Convers and learn more about the glamor, pain and need of the pornstar.

You will surely devour the books recommended by us and see the porn industry with different eyes. We hope you enjoy reading.