Soft submissive in the escort service

Latin “Devotus” means “surrendering”. Submissives are escort ladies who like to submit to their partner voluntarily and without resistance. They take a submissive attitude in the soft submissive area from the beginning and signal that they want to be dominated. Submissive is used in relation to sexuality in contrast to dominant. Soft submissive in escort service has nothing to do with BDSM.

Light Bondage & Co

The soft submissive variety is about the pleasure of both. The dominant part enjoys the subjugation of his playmate, the submissive part gives it to a lot of pleasure. Bondage games are very often part of this preference. The submissive escort lady likes to go into the leading hands of the man. Most also enjoy varied and imaginative role-playing games. The following escorts are submissive in a playful sense submissive:

Escort Hamburg Dame Susan

Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen

Escort Hannover Model Cindy

Hannover, Hildesheim, worldwide

Kamila für Escort Service in Hannover

Hannover, Hildesheim, worldwide

Escort Ladylike posing

Cologne, Dusseldorf, worldwide

Very happy to take the Escorts in your request for soft submissive games your exact ideas. This is necessary so that the ladies can individually prepare for The Date with you. It is important for both sides to experience no surprises. Live with the ladies of the escort service your fantasies in this area.

The game with the fire: wax games

Wax games are most frequently requested after role and bondage games. More and more couples want to enjoy the charm of hot candle wax on the skin. The mixture of tension and light pain makes waxing a real highlight in bed. By the way, the flickering light of the candles still creates a suitable ambience and can make the atmosphere romantic.

But candle is not the same candle. The candles should not burn off too hot. But they must be felt clearly on the skin. The difference, of course, lies in the melting temperature. In the SM-specialized trade and in the Sexshop there are special candles for wax plays. They have a lower melting point and are not as hot as, for example, beeswax candles.

Mind withdrawal through blindfolded eyes

Again, it is about the interaction of domination and submission. Especially sexy for submissive escorts is when they have blindfolded and thus helplessly at the mercy of their counterpart. Of course, hearing can also be prevented. Then only the feeling is possible, which makes all actions of the partner much more intense.

Mind withdrawal expresses the power of the man over the escort lady. He alone determines whether she is allowed to see what she is allowed to taste.