Arts and Culture

Museum of Archeology

Discover the exciting world of archeology. In this state-of-the-art presentation, more than 10,000 discoveries reveal the history of mankind in Westphalia. With its unique concept and design, the Westfälische Landesmuseum is one of the most modern museums in Europe.

The special exhibition has brought together archaeological treasures from eight museums in the country: the oldest stone finds, examples of excellent bronze crafts and gold objects. They come from bizarre cave landscapes, hidden from graves in the jungle, settlements in river valleys and high mountains.

At least once a year, special exhibitions set scientific and thematic accents. The focus is not only on regional issues and events, but also archaeological excavations and treasures of international importance and cultural-historical themes of global importance.

Is it really the greatest?

Every year, there is a dispute over who is actually the largest in the country. The Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf or the Cranger Kirmes in Herne. Since size can not be defined exactly, it is, depending on the calculation basis, the largest fair on the Rhine in Düsseldorf or the Cranger Kirmes. For us the calculation of the visitors per day is the most sensible. And after that, the Cranger Kirmes is the largest folk festival in NRW and is one of the five largest events of its kind in Germany. In terms of our most sensible value, the rummel on the Rhine-Herne canal is unmatched: Crange brings it to 400,000, the Oktoberfest to 350,000 and the Rheinkirmes to 330,000 visitors. We are now waiting to see whether this has changed after the Oktoberfest. Choose Escort Herne Agency for an unforgettable accompaniment. And please ask for dates outside herne, too. With our worldwide VIP service we are looking forward to arrange a date for you, too.