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The city of the seven towers

The seven towers of the five large inner-city churches of the Marienkirche, Dom, Aegidienkirche, Petrikirche and Jakobikirche are meant.

The churches still play a special role in the cultural and social life of the city. For example as well-visited performances for religious and secular music or as a forum for cultural and other discussions. The modern role of the church in Lübeck is also the case when pastors climb the walls of their churches from the outside in order to give the regional public a thought-provoking impression.

In addition to the Holstentor, they are a landmark of the city and at the same time a brand, which is also used by companies from the region.

On the Baltic Sea you can taste hearty dishes

Since fishing is operated on the entire coast of the Baltic Sea, the restaurants are almost all about fish. The most common is butt and plaice, fried in bacon. Cod cooked with mustard sauce, sole and pike as well as mackerel, herring and eel. The crabs come from the North Sea and taste particularly fine with scrambled eggs and black bread.

The best Holsteiner cattle smoke are from the few remaining historical smoking cakes with thatched roof. Only ham from well-fattened and healthy pigs is processed.

Those who enjoy traditional specialties in Schleswig-Holstein are usually not disappointed. This also includes the bitter beer, which the Flensburger Brewery has brought to light with a successful advertising campaign nationwide. The “Kleine Feigling”, a schnapps home to the Eckernförde, is a very big market for marketing, and the stomach can do well after a hearty Schleswig-Holstein meal. The so-called “foreign promotion” creations, such as smoked eggs or Mövenschiss, a grain with a slice of sausage, mustard and horseradish (Schleswiger peculiarity) must be viewed as a reservation.

Rum must be sugar, water can be. The talk is of the grog, the typical drink, when on the coast again a particularly stiff breeze blows. Similar warming effects are also found in the “Glühpunsch”, “Eiergrog” and “Geele Köm-Punsch”. The north holds it generally with the tougher beverages.

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