The most interesting in Oberhausen …

are in our opinion the short film days.
Werner Herzog, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese and many other famous directors have inspired their first audience here. In Oberhausen, in the middle of the Pott. Since 1954, the Ruhr district has been the scene of this extraordinarily renowned film festival. The organizers are already asking for applications for the 64th edition in 2018. We are looking for new works with their own visual language, new perspectives and forms. Westdeutsche Kulturfilmtage was called earlier. In the meantime, it has made a world-wide reputation among international short films. The shortest strip lasted just 30 seconds, the longest 38.5 minutes. On the occasion of the anniversary, a retrospective will also feature more than 100 short films, which are now regarded as classic. Choose your exclusive escort agency for oberhausen for a accompaniment.


In 1927 the construction of the largest gas storage facility in Europe, the gasometer, began. After its decommissioning in 1988 the building was rebuilt from 1993 onwards and today is the most extraordinary exhibition hall in Europe. The gasometer is a widely visible landmark of the Ruhr area. The visit is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your city tour into the Ruhr Metropolis.

The visit is rounded off by the magnificent view from the 117-meter-high roof over the entire western Ruhr area. With a glass elevator you drive upwards inside the gasometer. Exhibitions, concerts, lectures and other events are regularly held here.



Centro is Europe’s largest shopping and leisure center. Shopping, cinema, culture, events, party, eating, exhibitions.

Over 220 shops on 90,000 square meters invite you to the extensive shopping. Clothing, electronics, toys, books and music, shoes and sporting goods, jewelery and watches, the Centro offers everything. The industry mix includes many international top brands and a broad spectrum of leading national and regional suppliers.

Restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and nightclubs liven up the 400-meter promenade on the outside. This pedestrian street is located on a specially designed canal next to the shopping center.

With over 8,000 seats in the indoor and outdoor areas and over 20 different restaurants, the Centro Promenade is the meeting point in the Ruhr area. There are also about 30 fast-food restaurants, cafes and kiosks in the shopping center itself.