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City of Games

For more than 130 years, the game maker and book publisher has carried the name of the city into the world, thus promoting the city and the region. Many visitors know it mainly as a city of games. This feature is evident by many offers such as the games land, the museum, children’s and games boxes in restaurants and overnight stays. And also visible through a blue game cone in the cityscape.

On the five entrances, signs with the motif of the world-famous cube board game “Fang den Hut” welcome the visitor. Invented in 1927 and published by the Otto Maier publishing house in the city of games.

Attractions in Ravensburg

Lake Constance
Lake Constance is a pre-alpine lake and, with a total area of ​​536 km², is one of the three largest lakes in Central Europe. Lake Constance borders the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mainau Island
The island of Mainau in Lake Constance is a natural experience in all seasons. The spring starts with about one million tulips. Dahlias make the autumn unforgettable and in the cold season the flower island turns into a magical winter garden.

Affenberg Salem
Do you and your dream woman of Escort Ravensburg feel like a walk through a forest with over 200 Berbers? With specially prepared, free popcorn the awake animals may even be fed.

Säntis is one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe with its height of 2,502 meters. From the summit you can look over six countries. Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and the Swiss Alpine world.

Dornier Museum
Go on a journey through 100 years of aerospace history. Directly at Lake Constance Airport, the museum presents an experience world over 6,000 m².

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