Well known and famous

The city of emperors and kings. It offers the fantastic picture of a city history of 2,000 years. The center has 1,500 listed buildings. 984 of them are the ensemble “Altstadt mit Stadtamhof”, which was awarded 2006 as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The Regensburg Cathedral is the only example of French cathedral gothic east of the Rhine. His wealth of medieval glass painting is unique in Germany. And yet it is only one of many architectural monuments that make it one of the best preserved German cities of the Middle Ages.

The Domschatzmuseum, the Krautermarkt with the Stiftskirche St. Johann, the former Dompropstei, Dachauplatz, Neupfarrplatz, Alter Kornmarkt, Kohlmarkt, Rathausplatz and Haidplatz, the Porta Praetoria and the gender towers are other wonderful places, ensembles and buildings.

This includes, of course, the Stone Bridge, which connects the Old Town with the Amhof district, which is located on the other side of the Danube. When it was completed in 1146, it was considered the “eighte world-wide” and is the oldest stone arch bridge in Germany still partially preserved.

The city with the largest pub crowd

“The night to day”: in Regensburg nothing is easier than that. After sunset the cathedral shines in another light. Disco lights in the clubs, dim light in the pubs and bars, the gentle glow of the lanterns in the old streets and the flickering light Different small camp fire on the Jahninsel, a natural idyll among the huge arches of the Steinernen Brücke, the Regensburg landmark.
Restaurants, bars, clubs and nightclubs are like sand at the seaside: Regensburg, the city with the largest pubs in Germany, also carries the label “Lebenswert” at night.

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