Interesting about Saxony

Saxony is a cultural destination of the first quality. Museums and exhibitions will find a range that can hardly be desired. Musical events in world-class concert halls are the order of the day. The city of Leipzig with the historical Thomaskirche and the famous Buchmesse. Dresden sets the standard for concerts. Semperoper, Frauenkirche and Kreuzkirche are among the most brilliant concert halls in the world. All the major orchestras and ensembles perform at this location. The opera Chemnitz is also one of the most important venues in Saxony. The music landscape of Saxony is unrivaled all over Germany. Every year more than 40 renowned music festivals take place. Whether in opera houses, castles, castles, parks, quarries or churches.

After the mentioned cities there are also the following interesting regions in Saxony:

Saxon Switzerland
Since picturesque villages nestle on the rocky bank, one of the most interesting landscapes of Europe – the Saxon Switzerland – is also called Elbsandsteingebirge.

Saxon Elbland
The Saxon Elbland stretches between Dresden and Torgau. The Elbe gave its name to this holiday region in the heart of Saxony.

Oberlausitz, Zittau mountains
The region north of Bautzen, the Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft, is characterized by endless forests and lakes.

Saxon Castle and Heideland
The cathedral city Meißen, Moritzburg with its Wasserschloss, the Karl-May-town Radebeul or the picturesque Elbweindörfer are just a small selection of the sights.

Westsachsen, Vogtland
There is hardly a German landmark, which is as traditional as the Erzgebirge. Silver, tin and other mineral resources gave the region its name in the south of Saxony. Numerous galleries and showcases still testify today. In winter, the region is a true winter tale. Deep snowy mountains, glittering sunbeams and fragrant Christmas markets at the end of the year.

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