Escort Wolfsburg has gorgeous ladies for every occasion

Working at escort service

For many ladies it is a dream job, for the others only what it is: prostitution. Sonya accompanies men on trips, sometimes for dinner, but almost always to bed

Sonya has learned business in foreign trade, was a waitress, a student, and her fingernails manicured. She was always looking. For a year she has accompanied men to dinner, to travel and to bed. 60 customers had them at this time. What she deserves, she does not want to say. In the escort agency’s escort agency’s table of fees: four hours cost 750 euros; who book a week pays a few thousand euros. Many men, a lot of erotic, lots of money. It sounds like a dream job.

With an escort customer she flies to Barcelona

It is a sunny June day in Langenfeld. Sonya sits with her best friend Lena with coffee and cake. She tells her, his best friend, that she will fly to Barcelona in August, two weeks, all-inclusive, as an escort accompaniment of a regular customer. Lena is excited and grins. “I do not have a problem with what sier,” says Lena, her best friend. Sonya is 28, slim, blond, very attractive. The men in their lives wear almost all suits of the finest brands, they are in their early thirties to mid-fifties. They are normal men.

Escortservice is an illusion

Most customers usually go to the brothel. Maybe also in a flat rate club, where you can have as many women as you can for 100 euros. Escort is too expensive for most men. On our website, the clients can see photos of the escort ladies. Age, body size, occupation and some current pictures. Some of the escorts also detail their preferences. Sonya too.

“I will be booked for a certain period of time to give the escort service an illusion,” she says. The illusion of being coveted. When their job is fulfilled, the illusion crumbles. An envelope with bank notes remains behind.

Sonya pays attention to her body

“You have to be able to entertain the men,” says Sonya. The customer does not buy me, he buys the conversation. On the side of our escort there is a large selection of escorts. Escorts to fall in love with. But this is not a promise. Most customers can already distinguish between illusion and reality. Sonya has nothing to do with the stereotype that women develop feelings towards every man, whispering to their noses in the ear and a bit tender. She does not believe that women can not separate eroticism and love. Of course many men also feel like being loved. But only for a certain period of time. Sonya gives the men this feeling. The feeling of being loved as they are. With frontal folds and crow’s feet, with belly and gray hair. Sonya takes care of her body, she trains daily.

High Class Escortservice

Escort is an expensive game of the escort. Escort agencies like “Premium”, “High Class” or “Elite” are used to distinguish themselves from classic business. Not all agencies fulfill these promises, but they have one thing in common: Your target group is paying customers. In contrast to the pure escort service, the services of the escort ladies and men go beyond joint restaurant and theater visits, business meetings and holiday trips. They also share the bed.

Escort service is a niche market that is rarely perceived in public. As a rule, the industry gets into the headlines, especially when there are revelations about prominent customers. Some agencies even offer an escort and escort service especially for VIPs. A day with escort then costs up to 3000 euros, one week up to 20000 euros. Escort Wolfsburg has gorgeous ladies for every occasion.