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30 years ago, the city was still one of the most sleepy metropolises in Europe – and this was quite literally. The nightlife ended before it started elsewhere. Today, it is considered one of the coolest and most hip party cities in Europe. The center is the district of Fünf, the former industrial district in the west of the city center. This has undergone an amazing transformation. Localities and places often change. What is in today can be out again next month. Latest tips are the Züri-Tipp, the daily event supplement of the Zürcher Tages-Anzeiger. Otherwise, go with the flow.

With this sentence you can get anywhere:

“You can still speak Swiss German”. Swiss usually fall prey to high German when they are opposed to Germans – and they are unhappy about it. Because they feel comfortable only in their mother tongue. And in its Zurich form it is quite understandable also for German ears.

This is what is said here:

The scarce living space and the resultant astronomically high rents, which seem to have already left the area of ​​the stratosphere behind, and yet continue to rise unceasingly.

Caution, grease! You do not say this better:

Phrases from German mouth, which start with the two words “Bei uns …”, are not really good.

Swiss cheese

The traditional Swiss cuisine is still offered, but especially in the center is the restaurants scene extremely varied. In addition to the global menu offer, vegetarian or organic food is also highly popular. The best-known Zurich specialty is the Zürcher Geschnetzelt. The best is to enjoy it in the crown hall. The Bierhalle Kropf also has a whole hearty, hearty, tasty cuisine.

And, of course, the cheese: it should already be fondue or raclette. There are different cheese mixes that taste more mild or powerful. The cheese is made with white wine, cherry and spices liquid. Then you put bread on a fork and turn it into the liquid cheese.

Hot cheeses are served with a potato, cucumbers and onions. For this purpose, white wine, e.g. a Fendant from the Valais.

Here you can enjoy excellent local food, but you can also sit around the globe, so to speak, at the highest level.