Hotel visits in and around Cologne

I met Fernanda about hotel visits to Cologne. After that it went very fast. After checking in at the hotel and bringing my stuff to the room, I went to the restaurant. We met at the entrance of a well-known Italian. We greeted each other and entered. For that otherwise it was always so crowded, this Saturday was amazingly little going on. Fernanda apparently thought the same, because she looked at me in amazement. We were looking for a nice place next to the olive tree and then stopped us to get the food. I looked at Fernanda. With her dark, long hair and big eyes, she had exactly hit my taste. Fernanda kept giving me hot glances. They also received some visitors.

I took her hand and we disappeared in the hotel

She had already ordered her pizza and stood up to the side to flirt with me. After the meal we went to a bar and drank a cocktail. The bar was right next to the hotel. It was not long before we were concerned about the subject of openness and eroticism. I told her that I was immediately back and forth when I saw her pictures on hotel visits to Cologne NRW. Fernanda listened intently and asked again and again. She looked at me with a look that I knew only too well. I paid our drinks, took her hand, and we disappeared through the sidewalk in the hotel.

Our kisses became more and more demanding

Our exciting conversation seemed to be so hot that it immediately came to the door behind the door in my room. I dropped the door behind me, while Fernanda looked at me with her eyes. Pure Italian seduction. Fernanda left no doubt what she was planning. As soon as the door was closed, she pulled me to her and gave me the first kiss. With this kiss came her southern temperament. Her long slender fingers eagerly explored my body as I looked into her dark-headed eyes. That was exactly what I liked. No five minutes later we lay naked on the bed. Our kisses became more and more demanding, especially Fernanda seemed to be especially deep and humid kisses …