New Rolex Sea Dweller

Neue Rolex TaucheruhrFor the 50th anniversary of the legendary diving watch SeaDweller, Rolex has now turned up at Baselworld 2017 with an enlargement. The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller stretches to 43 millimeters of stainless steel. It offers better readability thanks to date cyclopsupe. It also scores points with a scratch-resistant ceramic dome and the new automatic caliber 3235. The patented Chronergy escapement achieves an impressive 70 hours running time with a minimum deviation of -2 / + 2 seconds per day. Thanks to the helium valve, it can be lowered to 1220 meters. 10,350 euros.

As early as the 1960s, prototypes of the Rolex Submariner 5513 were equipped with a helium valve. Then in 1967 the watch came as a reference 1665 with thicker glass and higher bezel on the market. It was “Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000” printed in red on the dial. The 2000 stands for the maximum depth in foot. The mid-70s, the red lettering and the additional designation Submariner 2000 disappeared, the clock was called from now on only Sea Dweller.

Conclusion: Reliable, sophisticated and traditional. A product of decades of collaboration with professional divers, the Rolex Sea Dweller impresses with its extreme water resistance, robust nature and sophisticated helium valve. A conqueror of the underwater world: The Sea-Dweller is a diver watch in a class of its own.