We are convinced that most men and women have once flirted with the idea of ​​booking an escort model sometime in their lives. Most of us have done it at least once, and many of us have done so much more than once. We also have many regular customers, who arrange to meet with every new escort lady from our team. But there are also some gentlemen who just waste our time.

We’ve been teaching escorts for all occasions for over ten years now. Every year we also meet a handful of men who have made it unpopular. We simply call them the “time-wasters”. In the meantime we are well trained to recognize these men very fast and they are on our blacklist. Unfortunately, there is no other remedy and the list will continue to grow.

Be a gentleman – the escorts will reward you

There are many customers who book an escort lady many weeks in advance. The several times a week by mail to have answered questions. I would like to call daily for weeks with your escort companion. A real intention to keep the escort date does not exist from the beginning. But we recognize that very fast. What satisfies us is still a mystery to us today. Presumably, it’s just stupidity, for which there is no known remedy in most cases. So do not waste our time. They will not reach our goal with us.

Then there are customers who have already made so many bookings, but have never met one of our ladies. In some cases, one hour before the meeting is simply canceled by phone. We know very well that sometimes something can come in between, if you have to meet many business appointments every day. It would underline your personality, if you would at least think about it, that your wish lady might already have prepared intensively for the escort date with you. We all face from time to time unforeseen circumstances that unfortunately require a cancellation, and it really has nothing to do with being disingenuous. Then please show that you are a true gentleman. Show respect and appreciation to the lady and pay for the service you have booked.

Take care of your booked escort lady and show her that you are an exceptional gentleman. You will be rewarded with much more than you can imagine.