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Get here information and suggestions for your escort date. We want you to get the extensive service you desire. In recent years, something like a secret language has developed, which is understood only by experienced customers and escorts. Many abbreviations in English lead to confusion. New customers in the escort industry often find this language daunting and sometimes even frustrating because it can lead to misunderstandings. Communication and understanding are crucial for an unforgettable and intimate escort experience on both sides. Talk to us about your wishes – the escorts will fill you with passion.

Here is a comprehensive list of services you can book. It will serve as a guide, and hopefully get some suggestions for your escort date. Allowed is what makes both fun. What are you waiting for?

69 – Anal – BDSM – Boobs

Position 69

The position 69 is one of the most popular, where men and women spoil each other orally. Shared and simultaneous pleasure, so to speak. 69 is the perfect start to a hot night. Of course you spoil each other not only with the lips, the tongue and the mouth, but also with your fingers. If you do not know your escort lady so well yet – find out what she likes. And of course there are several variants of the 69.

A particularly sporty variant is the standing 69: you stand and your escort hangs on you, legs wrapped around your neck. Exhausting but very pleasurable. If you want to vary the 69 something, toys offer. Increase the desire of your escort lady in this variant in the immeasurable.


Anal sex – a taboo? Not at all! Anal games are a real asset. On the Po countless nerve endings wait to give you the highest feelings in traffic. Unfortunately, the anus does not have the function of getting wet by itself. A good lubricant will help you quickly and can be incorporated into the anal foreplay.


Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism

Which of our escorts has experience in this field, and which service in the BDSM area is possible, please ask by phone.

Boobs Sex

Or simply called “Spanish”. Man can argue that after anal sex, Spanish comes second to men’s preferences. Especially appealing to the man is that the face of the partner and especially her mouth, is so seductively close to the scene. Many ladies of Rhein Escort also like this variant very much.

Club Visit – Devot – Deep Throat – Dildo Play

Club visits

Whether swinger clubs or couples clubs – you will find your companion for a hot evening for two, third or fourth … The image of past years is over. These types of clubs have style and class, hygiene is a top priority and the motto is everywhere: everything can do, nothing has to.

In every federal state there are numerous certified clubs to choose from. The Insomnia in Berlin is elegant, wicked, libertine and full of new ideas. Riot here at changing events, lounge evenings and parties. Experience the ideal, safe and clean sexual escapade with your escort from our agency. The Club Villa Palazzo in Dorsten offers on 800 sqm in three floors and 1500 sqm outdoor area the perfect setting for your frivolous games. We can help you to find numerous certified clubs more in all federal states.


Being submissive does not necessarily mean the extreme of being whipped and humiliated. The varieties in this area are almost limitless. If you want to book an escort for submissive games, a good preparation is indispensable. Give us a call in detail, as you imagine your escort date. Only in this way can we guarantee that it will be a satisfying experience for both sides.

Deep throat

The absolute kick for men in oral sex is the deep throat. You can say it is the supreme discipline in oral sex. For many escorts, this variant of the blowjob is often a big challenge. We know – most men love it! And of course you book with us also escorts who master this technique.

Dildo Play

Luxury sextoys are available in all sizes, colors and materials. For dildo games with your escort model you should be inspired by Amorelie. The days when only singles used sextoys are long gone. Today they are an exciting addition to varied lovemaking. Which of our escorts has the most sex toys, we tell you in a phone call. Give us a call.

Dominant – Threesome MMF – Duo Bisexual – Duo Hetero


In “Fifty Shades of Gray” Christian Gray involves his lover in a dominant comedy. And she submits to him completely. In reality, more men want a woman to show them where to go. At least in bed, they like to give up the control. Who should take over the dominant part of your escort date? “Lie on the bed! ?? or? Finally touch me! ?? This is how the shared adventure could begin. Some of our escorts are familiar with dominant games. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Threesome MMF

A threesome with two men is the dream of many women. The men usually prefer the threesome with two women. Are you too hetero to get involved in an MMF? Anyway. Book as a male duo with us the right escort lady for fun to third. Many escorts not only associate the money with their part-time job. You also want to live out your fantasies. And this definitely belongs to most ladies of the threesome MMF.

Duo Bisexual – Duo Hetero

At Rhein Escort you can also book two ladies for your escort date. Some of our escorts know each other very well and meet privately. Come with a real Bi threesome fully at your expense. Or do you prefer that both ladies only take care of you intensively together? That is possible as well. Whether hetero threesome or bi threesome – just let us know. Our service team will be pleased to advise you on the possibilities of a threesome with the escort ladies.

Ball licking – erotic massages – Oral with condom – Foot fetish

Balls licking

The man likes to be licked passionately, and all our escorts enjoy it too. A more detailed explanation is not needed here.

Erotic massages

Body to Body Massage is an erotic full body massage with intensive body contact – body to body. All ladies are practiced in it.

Tantric massage is a very erotic full body massage inspired by ancient Indian rituals. Pleasantly reconcile body, mind and soul. The use of warm stones and fragrant oils enchant and relax you completely.

The Spanish massage is similar to a body to body massage. Here the lady massages and caresses her body increasingly with her breasts and you can also experience her climax there.

The Intimrasur massage is very gladly booked. Here, during the massage in the genital area, your hair is removed with a wet shave.

During prostate massage, the anus area is massaged and stimulates the prostate internally and externally with great sensitivity. Connoisseurs experience a gigantic climax.

All massages can also be booked with two escorts. Do you have any other wishes regarding erotic massages? Let us know.

Oral with condom

There is almost no man who does not care – on the blowjob. One distinguishes between the so-called cunnilingus – man satisfies woman – and the fellatio – woman satisfies man. Anyway. Of course, everything is possible here.

Foot fetish

Foot fetish is not just for foot fetishists. For some reason, however, feet are neglected too often during sex. Why? Surely you know a film scene in which the feet of a woman secretly and slowly walk up the leg of their counterpart. Once at the top, she begins to massage his most sensitive part. Which man does not like that? Start your escort date with a hot foot massage. This is a blessing for high-heels plagued feet and your escort will enjoy it.

Footsex is a great alternative to handjob and Co. The ladies of Rhein Escort are familiar with the footjob and can be really creative. Footsex works with both feet, but only with one foot, sole, toe or bale. With stockings or nylons, in our experience, men like it the most. Are you one of them? Book with us an escort to expand your experience in it. The possibilities are almost limitless and everything is allowed. As long as both sides enjoy it, of course.

Facesitting – Facials – Girlfrienderotik – Hand Job


Facesitting is for almost all women not just a variant of oral sex, but literally a revelation. Women who have experienced this type of cunnilingus never forget that. And for men, this practice is usually indispensable. In no other position are men in female orgasm so close to the action. It is extremely exciting to have the twitchings of the lady at the climax right in front of her eyes. Book an escort model with us, and experience it up close.


The terms “facial” and “facial cum” come from the pornography. Soon these cumshot scenes could not be missed in any of these films. And that made this practice so popular in our private bedrooms as well. Today, ejaculating on her partner’s face, breasts, buttocks or abdomen has become standard in bedrooms around the world. Book this service at Rhein Escort, if it is your preference.

Girlfriend erotic

The terms Girlfriend erotic and Girlfriendsex are easy to explain. Our escorts offer you experiences that match those of a real friend. She cuddles with you and is cuddly and tender, depending on what you wish for. But of course, the desire is not too short. Our escort ladies are very open to the Girlfriend eroticism and enjoy this service just as much as you. Would you like to kiss, cuddle, explore and satisfy each other? Then book a “real friend” on time at Rhein Escort and experience real moments of wellbeing.

Hand job

Mostly the hand relaxation or the hand job is the culmination of an erotic massage. The happy ending, so to speak. But with a handjob, your escort can certainly make you a huge pleasure. Sit back and enjoy it as a prelude. And do not forget to reciprocate for it. All escort ladies are happy to offer you a handjob on the side.

Cum on body – Kissing – Paint & leather – Golden Shower

Cum on body

According to a recent survey, the majority of ladies like it the most, the sperm on the breasts and on the stomach to get. what are you waiting for? All ladies of Rhein Escort offer this service.


One of the most frequently asked questions when booking is whether the lady is kissing. It has always been very important to us as an agency. Of course, all the ladies are kissing

Lacquer & leather

Escort ladies in vinyl and leather or latex stimulates many men. Wearing or touching causes a certain amount of excitement in many men. Often, these clothes will not be removed during sex. Whether some of our escort ladies like to present themselves in vinyl and latex, please ask by phone. Or look carefully at all the profiles of the escorts.

Pee – Golden shower

Under the erotic preference for pee active or passive one understands the play with urine. Frequently, the abbreviated form, NS or the English name Golden Shower is used. Meanwhile, the desire for pee is also established in escort service and no longer an isolated case. Differences between active and passive NS, depending on whether you yourself urinated or pissed off. Socially, pee is still assigned to the field of BDSM. The sexual stimulation is drawn purely from the urine. When booking your hotel room, look for a large bathroom. Here you can let off steam with your lady from Rhein Escort.

Oil massage – Couples – Prostate massage – Sexy underwear

Oil massage

Do something good for your body and soul and treat yourself to a relaxing oil massage. Do not you feel like being pampered again? An oil massage has a revitalizing effect, helps reduce stress, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens your immune system. There are many reasons why massages are among the oldest remedies to treat or prevent a variety of ailments. The escort ladies are now very experienced in this massage technique.

Couples escort

You want to surprise your partner or girlfriend with another lady? As a couple you are planning to book an escort lady for fun to third parties, wherever? At Rhein Escort you will find models who like to accompany you as a couple in clubs, or seduce you together at hotel visits and pamper. Most customers want a couple escort with a bisexual inclination. The models of Rhein Escort offer pair escort only if they really like this type of game and count towards their preferences.

Prostate massage

The prostate massage is a popular form of massage to trigger erotic sensations. It can lead to fabulous orgasm in men. Nevertheless, most men are uncertain when it comes to stimulating the delicate gland. What makes the men insecure: The gland can be reached directly only through the anus. Often, the G-spot of the man is also spoken. With practiced massage technique and some experience you can reach unexpected climaxes. Ask us, which of the escorts hereby has experience.


Sexy, feminine, elegant or wicked? what do you prefer? The ladies of Rhein Escort all have a strong sense of erotic lingerie. “La Perla”, “Agent de Provocateur” or “Sarrieri” are particularly impressed by our charming models. Lingerie gives the escorts a feeling of femininity, elegance and sensuality, with a touch of provocation. Of course, all ladies love to wear sexy underwear during their escort date. Because nothing is as erotic and exciting as a body covered in lingerie, which is only a touch of complete nudity away.

Roleplay – Thighs – Masturbation – Spanking


Erotic role-playing games are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in the BDSM scene. Here are the possibilities to be creative and to slip into other roles infinitely large. Not only men dream of the sexy secretary or stewardess. Even women like to go to their head cinema every now and then. Doctor games, captain, boss and secretary, teacher and student, burglar, rock star and groupie, policeman, pastor and nun. Book your personal RPG at Rhein Escort and let your creativity run wild.

Thighs sex

This term derives from the Japanese “Sumata” and means something like “between the thighs”. In this position, there is no direct penetration. In Japan, the prohibition of prostitution was bypassed because the customers had no actual sexual intercourse with the ladies. Do you also have interest?


Hand on your heart – surely you have often dreamed of watching a woman in the masturbation. In the shower, with your fingers or with sextoys, in the whirlpool, on the balcony, in the changing room? Do not hesitate to ask us. You will be surprised what is possible with the escorts.


And again “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Spanking has also been on everyone’s lips since the erotic novel was published. The famous pat on the butt serves to punish the buttocks. Spanking is a popular sexual practice. Whether the flat hand is used, or rather an aid, is a matter of taste. In various shops there are numerous utensils for it.

Toys – Strap on – Striptease – Swingers Club


The escort ladies have a large repertoire of the most popular sex toys. Increase your desire with them together. The undisputed number 1 is still the classic vibrator. He is and will be the perennial favorite in our bedrooms. But the toys are getting more sophisticated and some even give a guarantee of success. Read more about it soon in our blog.

Strap on

This practice is certainly not limited to the gay scene. Many men are currently discovering the benefits of anal stimulation. And many ladies, of course not only in the escort service area, enjoy the handling of the strap-on. The thrill is that this is a classic role reversal. That the woman takes over the dominant part here is at least as appealing to most. For which strap-on dildo do you decide on your next escort date?


A hot striptease of escorts is an erotic dream of many men. A private strip show at the beginning of your erotic escort date with one of our charming ladies – which man would not heat this up? Book it with us.


Do you want to experience something extraordinary and exclusive apart from the norm with a lady of your choice? Why not have a joint visit to a swingers club? In the meantime widely used and in Germany actually in every larger city to find. Experience others watching sex and having them watch. Enjoy exciting moments with your escort and unrestrained passion under the eyes of many. We are happy to organize this for you.

Overnight stays – Verbal erotic – Various positions


Of course you can book with us all escorts for an overnight stay. As soon as you plan to book an escort date, you should definitely think about whether you would like to spend the whole night or even the whole weekend with a lady from Rhein Escort. An overnight always has a special charm. The thought of waking up next to one of our enchanting escort ladies and having a moment of intimate moments will certainly please you as well. For a shared breakfast in your suite, plan the rest of the day. Have we now aroused the desire for more in you?

Dirty talk

For many men, but also escort ladies, something “Dirty Talk” belongs to a successful date. Silence was gold, at least when it comes to verbal eroticism. And especially dirty words can do wonders here. Verbal eroticism makes sex more interesting and definitely adds extra excitement. It makes sex uninhibited and therefore hotter and pleasurable. The vocabulary is almost unlimited. You’re having trouble accepting porn slang, but would like to try it? Then it is time to practice it. Book an escort lady and maybe start today.

Various positions

What are your favorite sex positions? Do you already know the “Chinese Sleigh Ride”, the “Pretzel”, the “Big T”, the “Floating Butterfly” or the “Stretched Wheelbarrow”? Get to know these and many more with our escorts. Try out the most unusual sex positions and be adventurous with your escort date. We will report soon in more detail in our blog.

Rimming passive – Rimming active – Tongue kisses

Rimming passive and active

For many still taboo subject – but that does not have to be. Tongue anal or rimming or Rim job, is practiced by some of our ladies like. Rimming is very much like in foreplay and often serves the preparation for anal intercourse. For the men, as well as for the escort ladies is the best position for the doggy style. Anilungus can be practiced by heterosexual and homosexual couples. The nature of the tongue is particularly suitable for exploring the anal region. Now you definitely want one of our models to approach you this way soon. They are waiting for your contact.

Tongue kisses

The kiss of the tongue is the most intimate means to express affection, and also the most popular. And of course no escort date without tongue kisses. They are the most important in foreplay, when it comes to a deal with our escorts hot to the point. The intense kissing releases a large number of endorphins in the brain. Everything signals to the body that more needs to happen as soon as possible. With our passionate ladies that will not be long in coming. What are you waiting for?